..And The Horse You Rode In On

Keyboard-driven rock/pop exploring the wishful thinking, nostalgia and catharsis through a variety of styles from chunky pop to retro Latin jazz and spacey progressive ballads

[..And The Horse You Rode In On] is like Warren Zevon and The Orb eating oysters in a satellite lounge while the bartender plays King Crimson on the juke box and won’t let anyone change it.”

Grey Revell – Author and Recording Artist

Who Is Matt Stache?

The Feeling Ecstatic

Matt Stache is the keyboardist for The Feeling Ecstatic, a five-piece indie progressive rock band based out of Tallahassee.

In late 2016, Matt joined forces with long time friend and lead singer Jeff Godbey to form The Feeling Ecstatic. Joined by former Popheads bassist Eric Madsen, lead guitarist Christian Williams and drumming phenom D’Arthur Godwin, The Feeling Ecstatic blends the intricacies of progressive rock with the tangibility of modern indie rock for an energetic sound that always pleases the crowd.

Their first EP Gas Mask Surprise will be available later this year.

Check Matt Stache’s upcoming shows to catch him live with The Feeling Ecstatic.

Solo Recording Projects

Having been forever changed by the extemporaneous recording project that he experienced with Grey Revell’s Roman Candles in 2014, Matt Stache embarked on my own recording project starting in 2016. Continuously writing and recording new material at a feverish pace, Stache often cranks out a brand new song every month.

Initially these songs are released individually for streaming-only on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. After four or so songs are completed, they are released for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify; and are removed from SoundCloud.

This project format allows listeners to preview Matt Stache’s newest tracks while anticipating the final product as an EP.

Since 2016, Matt has released three EP’s: “In Exile,” “Somnolence,” and “..And The Horse You Road In On.”

For even more previews of upcoming music, and special peaks behind the scenes, check out Matt Stache’s Patreon.

Studio Sessions and Web-based Recording

Matt Stache is available to lay down keyboard tracks for your project. Skilled in a wide variety of genres and packing a rich palette of sounds from both Nord and Arturia, his talents can add what your track is missing or even take your composition to the next level. Invite Matt to your studio or simply have him record in his own studio; Stache can send you the stems to mix yourself.

Matt Stache is also available to provide voiceover recordings for your radio advertisements, training videos and more!

Cocktail Piano and Happy Hour Entertainment

Thinking about some mood music for your next engagement? Matt Stache will be glad to provide the right ambiance with jazz standards and lively original compositions on piano at your party or event.

What about a fancy spectacle to wow your guests? Consider hiring Stache to perform champagne sabrage at your party. He’s been practicing the art of decapitating bottles of bubbly for nearly ten years.

I’m also available for event planning and public speaking engagements.

Composer, performer and recording artist, Matt Stache has an extensive discography and over 20 years experience as a keyboardist and vocalist in the music industry.

Stache’s Discography


Matt Stache
Not As I Do
(EP 2019)

  • When I Come Back Home
  • The City Is Willing
  • Bias In The Wheel
  • None Of What You Do

Matt Stache
..And The Horse You Rode In On
(EP 2018)

  • Lion Hearted Lover
  • Rainwater
  • Champagne At Versailles
  • Unfamiliar Skies

Matt Stache
(EP 2018)

  • Somnolence
  • Cochineal Dreams
  • Unconscious Arbitrary
  • Voyage to Rum and Raspberries

Matt Stache
In Exile
(EP 2017)

  • Dangerous Embrace
  • Smoker’s Drag / When The Smoke Clears
  • All I’d Left To Live For / Moving On

Also Featuring Matt Stache

Careless Romantic
No Heart To Break
(Album 2016)

Grey Revell’s
Roman Candles
The Happy Infinite
Vol. 1 (EP 2014)

Grey Revell’s
Roman Candles
The Happy Infinite
Vol. 2 
(EP 2014)

Grey Revell’s
Roman Candles
The Happy Infinite
Vol. 3 (EP 2014)

Grey Revell
Rainbow In His
(EP 2013)

The JackKnife Barbers
Blood On The Ivories
(Album 2013)

Velvet On The Air
(Album 2008)

Upcoming Shows

19 Apr. 2019 - The Feeling Ecstatic at The Warrior On The River, Tallahassee, FL

The Feeling Ecstatic with Lil Grizzly Boogie Band, The Vyvanse, and Thousand Dollar Hen at The Warrior On The River 9330 W. Tennessee St., Tallahassee, FL 32304

Doors open @ 8:00pm, show @ 8:30pm
$10 advance, $12 day of show

28 Feb. 2019 - The Feeling Ecstatic at The Wilbury, Tallahassee, FL

Cow Haus Entertainment presents Boston’s JUICE with local support from THE FEELING ECSTATIC and TRAP & RELEASE on Thursday, February 28th at The Wilbury 513 W. Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL.

Doors open @ 9:00pm, show @ 9:30pm
$6 advance, $8 day of show
$2 under 21 fee at the door

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